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UK Cache Mag - The Geocaching magazine...

Are you interested in finding out more about geocaching? Perhaps you are new to geocaching and wanting to learn more about the hobby?

You may already be a dedicated geocacher interested in the latest news, events and finding out about the most interesting caches in the country?

 UK Cache Mag is for you. 

 Our dedicated geocaching crazy team have created UK Cache Mag to cater for beginners through to ‘experts’, helping to keep cachers informed and up to date with everything new in geocaching. 

 Subscribe to either the digital option or the 64 page printed magazine to take your geocaching experience to a whole new level (then tell us about it as we may just print your story)

You can get a single copy for £3.95 by clicking here.

Or take out an annual subscription for £20 by clicking below. This includes UK Postage. (Please note this will renew each year automaticaly)


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If you prefer a digital version, you can download our free app and watch it on your choice of phone, tablet and or PC. Search your app store for UK CACHE MAG.

You can get FREE access to many of our back issues.

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